Sarah Joy Zwarts (1987) is a contemporary figurative painter from Maastricht, the Netherlands. She can be seen as following the magical realism painting tradition of the mid 90s/early 00s, but instead of looking for a new-symbolic language, she is interested in tangible output. 

Her work gives rise to a personal language in which she incorporates different techniques from the field of painting and drawing. Selecting from a range of natural, historical and personal images as support, Zwarts subjects the original elements and motifs to a search for new narratives. She pushes her subjects towards the fluid zone between familiar and not-knowing, and it is here that she finds fresh but also unnerving new stories which reveal themselves slowly. In this new immersing landscape, only traces of their original state remain. 

After completing her studies in History, Sarah pursued her artistic career at KASK Ghent where she received a Master of Fine Arts in 2014. Her work has been shown at multiple venues including Museum M Leuven, Les Brasseurs Liège, Beeldenstorm / Daglicht Eindhoven, Greylight Projects, WARP Sint-Niklaas and SEAS Knokke. She has received different grants for her artistic research. In 2017, she completed a project residency at FLACC Workplace, of which she published the results in the same year. 

Sarah has been appointed Advisory Committee Member Visual Arts for the Flemish Government (Kunstendecreet) in 2019 and currently works as a lecturer in Theory at Zuyd Hogeschool Maastricht. 7 kopie 4_v3.jpg