Sarah-Joy Zwarts


wat er al is
Group exhibition, Mariastraat 13 Maastricht

Group exhibition, various locations
Plateau van Margraten 

Echoes | Gestures | Threads - guest lecture Academy of Architecture Maastricht

Reversed archeology
Hoekpresentatie, Bureau Europa Maastricht


A missing kind of orange
In-situ group exhibition, Antwerp

Jardins coulés / Gestures #1 (draft)
Artist Books, De Meldkamer Maastricht 

Super books fair
Represented by The Artist and The Others, Haus der Kunst, München

Billboard project, CC De Kimpel and surroundings of Bilzen

Lines of flight vol.2
Artist’s group zine published by KIOSK, Ghent


Lines of flight vol.1
Artist’s group zine published by KIOSK, Ghent

Books by artists
Group presentation, De Meldkamer Maastricht

Super books fair
Represented by The Artist and The Others, Haus der Kunst, München


Chasing flowers
Group exhibition, Coup de Ville St. Niklaas


Embracing exchange
Group exhibition, St. Andrieskapel Maastricht

Come closer
Group exhibition by Forum Triangulare, Kasteel d’Aspremont-Lynden Oud-Rekem


The secret life of materials
Group exhibition, Make Eindhoven x Warp Art x Pennings Foundation, Eindhoven

Vitrine jeune artiste
Solo presentation, Les Brasseurs, Luik

Anonyme Zeichner
Group exhibition, Gallery Körnerpark, Berlijn


Perhaps maybe in spring
Solo presentation, SEAS CC Scharpoord, Knokke-Heist

The autonomous life of things #1
Group exhibition, Beeldenstorm/Daglight, Eindhoven

Birds of passage
Solo presentation, WARP Art, St. Niklaas

Embracing exchange
Group exhibition, Sphinx, Maastricht

Jardins coulés
Solo presentation, Greylight projects, Hoensbroek

Individuele ontwikkelingsbeurs, Vlaamse overheid


Open studio’s
Individual presentation, FLACC, Genk

Artist in residence

Drawing front
Group exhibition, Drawing Centre, Diepenheim

Stroom Projectbeurs, Provincie Limburg (BE)


Preludium V
Group exhibition, Drawing Centre, Diepenheim


Group exhibition, KASK, Gent

Black room, blank wall
Group exhibition, Bijloke, Gent

Masterclass Arno Kramer
Drawing Centre, Diepenheim


Group exhibition, Technicum, Gent

In-situ project tekenkunst
Group exhibition, Voorkamer, Lier

I could have lived here
Group exhibition, M-Museum, Leuven


Prijs Tekenkunst
Group exhibition, CC Zwaneberg, Heist-op-den-berg

Masterclass botanisch tekenen
Teylers Museum, Haarlem

Sarah-Joy Zwarts



Guest lecture Echoes | Gestures | Threads, Academy of Architecture, Maastricht

Installation views of Reversed archeology, individual presentation at Bureau Europa, Maastricht


Untitled, installation with hand-dyed textile, clay model try-outs (pigments from site), studio table and tools, approx. 200x120 cm at the lovely in-situ exhibition A missing kind of orange, curated by Elisa Verkoelen, Antwerp. Pictures by Elvis Federico.

Fragments of Untitled (Dorian), walldrawings, white chalk on dark coated wall
Kindly facilitated by SAM Ateliers, Maastricht

Untitled, charcoal and pastel on paper, mounted on cardboard and framed, each ± 35x40 cm

Scale and material sample with imprints of vegetation (various types), each ± 15x15 cm

Stek #1 (on-site, Albert Canal)  
With many, many thanks to CC de Kimpel / Jean-Pierre, Roel, Jonas for the initiative, installation and the amount of care taken

Build-up for Stek #1 (inverted), charcoal and tape mounted on paper, ±87x66 cm 

February pt. 2, charcoal on paper, each ±40 cm in height

February pt. 1, charcoal on paper, each ±40 cm in height

Untitled (Teardrop/Halo), charcoal and tape on paper, ±40x30 cm


December pt. 3, charcoal on paper, each ±40 cm in height

December pt. 2, pencil on paper, each ±40 cm in height

December pt. 1, pencil on paper, each ±40 cm in height

Untitled (Dorian), pencil and watercolor on paper, ±35x30 cm

Selection of first prototypes (clay, red dirt from site and concrete), each ± 15 cm in height

Untitled (Ventura), watercolor on paper, ±200x152 cm


First explorations of the theme, mixed media, sizes varying between 15x20 - 30x40 cm

Site (postcard from 1990s)

2020 and before